4 Benefits of Choosing a Soft-Floor Camper Trailer


The Australian Outback has a lot to offer. If you are considering investing in your first camper trailer, you may be wondering about the advantages of opting for a soft-floor camper rather than a hard-floor camper trailer. Below is a guide to 4 benefits of choosing a soft-floor camper trailer.

Increased Storage Space

When planning a camping trip with family and friends to the Outback, you will be surprised at the amount of equipment and gear you will want to pack. Some of the gear will be vital equipment such as the tent itself, while other accessories will be for your own added comfort, such as chairs and a picnic table. A soft-floor camper trailer has additional storage underneath the tent section which isn't accessible on hard-floor models, which means you will have space for all the extra things you wish to bring on your camping trip.

Reduced Weight

Because soft-floor camper trailers do not feature as much solid metal, they typically weigh much less than their hard-floor counterparts. The reduced weight means that the camper trailer will be easier to tow over rough ground and will improve the fuel performance of the tow vehicle, meaning you can travel further into the Outback at no extra cost.

Lower Initial Investment

Because of their simple design, soft-floor camper trailers are a lower initial investment when compared to hard-floor campers. The lower cost makes a soft-floor camper the ideal choice for someone who is looking to start camping but who is operating with a limited budget.

Quick Cleaning

While soft-floor camper trailers are more likely to collect dust and dirt compared to the hard-floor versions, the soft floor setup does have some advantages. It is much easier to access the tent floor on a soft-floor camper, which means you can quickly wash it down with soap and water in order to remove the dust. Hard-floor campers require less frequent cleaning, but when cleaning is required, it can take a considerable amount of time and effort to wash down the interior of the trailer.

Having made yourself better acquainted with the benefits of investing in a soft-floor camper trailer, you should contact a reputable camping supplier who can answer any questions that you might have. The supplier will be happy to discuss your needs before recommending the best camping gear so you can enjoy the best of the Australian countryside with your family and friends.


17 May 2017

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