Four Quick-Thinking Actions To Prepare Your Camper Trailer For A Thunderstorm


The best part about camping in Australia is the endless landscapes of natural beauty just waiting to be explored. And while there are plenty of camping sites to help you in your quest to enjoy nature's boundless delights in the country, the weather can turn out to be a spoilsport, especially with thunderstorms looming over the horizon. This commentary shows you actions to prepare your camper trailer in the event of an unexpected thunderstorm.

Bring All Loose Camping Items Inside

When you're camping, you'll naturally have a lot of equipment set outside –– from chairs and camping tables to portable barbeques and utensils. If you're preparing for a thunderstorm, make sure you remove all these items from the site and bring them into the trailer. Tie them down to ensure that they remain intact in case the storm is stronger than you expected.

Move Your Trailer Away From Trees

While trees provide tremendous amount of shade when the weather is sunny, loose branches can end up being hazardous to your life during a thunderstorm. Falling branches not only cause loss to life, but they can severely damage your camper trailer. Trees are also usually struck by lighting and can catch fire with the extreme heat from the strike. Ideally, move your trailer away from these trees and seek shelter in a nearby enclosure on your campsite like the reception area or kitchen if available. 

Get Your Trailer Away From Overhead Electrical Cables

Your next action should be to look around you for overhead electrical cables because you will need to move away from them as much as possible. During thunderstorms, these electrical cables can come undone and can cause tremendous harm to you and your family inside the trailer. Instead, try to move to ground with no hazards around to ensure that you keep your camper trailer and everyone inside it safe.

Remove Electrical Devices From Power Points

Avoid using any electrical appliances during lightning and thunderstorms because you risk getting electrocuted with the changed weather conditions. Items like televisions, stereos, water heaters and cell phones should be removed from the existing power points inside the camper trailer. If you need to keep your mobile charged, use portable charging devices (which you should ideally have with you while camping anyway). This will protect your family from potential electrocutions during unexpected thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms can be dangerous if you're unprepared, but with these quick-thinking actions, you'll be in a better position to tackle it while camping.


23 February 2017

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